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bronco / полудикая лошадь
имя существительное
полудикая лошадь
bronco, broncho
имя существительное
a wild or half-tamed horse, especially of the western US.
Caroline used to ride wild broncos on the local rodeo circuit.
Dusty eased onto the bronco , who shied as soon as he felt weight on him.
His back still hurts from an incident with a bucking bronco , but he treats it by doing yoga.
‘It's good to be back to regular work,’ Chess commented as Ira crossed the fence to try his hand at the bronco .
Ben watches in horror as Flynn smashes holes in a horse box and turns into a bucking bronco when they try to put a saddle on him.
Bungee walking, a bouncy castle and a bucking bronco provided colourful entertainment for youngsters, while a car-boot sale attracted some of their parents.
After eight years of bull riding, Maurer switched to bareback bronco riding.
Neil Webb, 90th MDG emergency medical technician, looked up with a grin of disbelief, as a bronco bucked and narrowly missed crushing a downed contestant's foot.
The horse was small, but it was sturdy, and it suddenly started bucking and plunging in a manner that would have done a bronco proud.
And those with a bit of daring can scramble up a climbing wall, ride a bucking bronco , fight it out on the pole or even joust.
Almost every day, rain or shine, my sisters and I could go out on our ponies, with only the sister on the bucking bronco wearing a crash hat.