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bronchial / бронхиальный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the bronchi or bronchioles.
bronchial pneumonia
It runs the entire length of the bronchial tree and forms an extensive submucosal bronchial plexus.
Histamine release produces increased bronchial tone in the lungs and vasodilation in the skin.
This suggests progressive bronchial and/or arterial disease in the infants.
We observed that hypoxia is a common event in the mucosal capillary blood of bronchial tumors.
It then continues cranialward to bifurcate into an appropriate intercostal and a right bronchial artery.
They reduce mucosal oedema and bronchial hyperreactivity thus relieving acute symptoms and preventing structural damage to the lungs.
Some of the mineral dusts can directly translocate into the bronchial mucosa without the help of macrophages.
Vascular and bronchial connections to surrounding tissue were evaluated at surgery.
These potent chemicals dilate blood vessels and constrict bronchial air passages.
The discoloration can also occur in nasal, bronchial mucosa, fingernails and toenails.