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bromide / бромид, банальность, снотворное
имя существительное
banality, commonplace, platitude, triviality, triteness, bromide
hypnotic, sleeping pill, soporific, dormitive, somnifacient, bromide
имя существительное
a compound of bromine with another element or group, especially a salt containing the anion Br – or an organic compound with bromine bonded to an alkyl radical.
In Friedel-Crafts reactions, alkyl chlorides are more reactive than alkyl bromides and alkyl iodides react only with difficulty.
a trite and unoriginal idea or remark, typically intended to soothe or placate.
feel-good bromides create the illusion of problem solving
a sedative preparation containing potassium bromide.
Agents include phenobarbital, corticosteroids, isoniazid, iodides and bromides , and vitamins D and B 12.
a reproduction or piece of typesetting on bromide paper.
It was then re-typed in the Western People, reproduced in bromide form and placed on a page.
Silver halide is manufactured by combining silver nitrate and halide salts (chloride, bromide , and iodide) which results in a range of crystal shapes and sizes.
Anions like chloride and bromide also adsorb on electrode surfaces while smaller cations like lithium, sodium and potassium are generally too strongly bound to a small number of water molecules to bind directly to the electrode.
Up to his neck in the reputedly healing waters, Daudet read Montaigne; and in private consumed huge amounts of morphine, chloral and bromide in an attempt to palliate his excruciating pains.
Inorganic anions used as the model anions were sulfate, fluoride, chloride, bromide , nitrite, nitrate, chlorate, iodide, thiocyanate, and perchlorate, used as their sodium salts.
It was then re-typed in the Western People, reproduced in bromide form and placed on a page.
He was filled with contradiction, spoke in nothing but bromides and cliches and believed that he had done his duty to the end.
They call their anti-environmental programs ‘healthy skies’ and they refuse to do more than literally phone in bromides about a ‘culture of life’ to their anti-choice base.
This sums up their entire campaign, one of breath-taking arrogance wrapped up in feel-good bromides .
Michael Moore, who had been introducing Nader at rallies around the country, pointedly refused to accompany him to swing states, and launched a series of bromides on his widely visited website stressing the importance of defeating Bush.
The very thought of his globe-like head bobbing animatedly in front of me, spitting out bromides in his crisp, British-accented English on the sexual hang-ups of the French and Americans, would have set me on edge within minutes.