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brokerage / маклерство, брокерские операции, брокераж
имя существительное
brokerage, broking
брокерские операции
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the business or service of acting as a broker.
Almadro's team found evidence implicating businessman Dante Tan, a major BW shareholder, and several brokerage houses in insider trading and price manipulation that rocked the market early this year.
Section 40 of the Insurance Act does not permit payment of commission / brokerage out of premium to any person other than an agent.
The biggest causes for not providing the discount were brokerage companies which did not count funds owned in the same fund family, and did not look at those owned by a spouse or children, according to the SEC.
Improving profitability at Wealth Management USA, mostly the old PaineWebber brokerage business, has been a struggle.
One investor applied for compensation from his brokerage after discovering some mysterious person had used his account to buy Yinguangxia, causing him to suffer a great loss.
a revenue of £1,400 less a sales brokerage of £12.50
In all UBS has spent more than $90 million, probably at a loss or break even depending on the brokerage and commission from the June raid.
The market's decline has hurt the companies' brokerage business, but the bear market won't last forever, Williams says.
China-backed CEL also said it strongly supported the restructuring and planned listing of its mainland brokerage , China Everbright Securities.
‘The measure threatened to push providers of brokerage services out of business putting other tax revenues from income at stake,’ reads the bulleting.
a revenue of $1,400 less a sales brokerage of $12.50