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broken-hearted / с разбитым сердцем, убитый горем
имя прилагательное
с разбитым сердцем
heartbroken, broken-hearted
убитый горем
heartbroken, stricken with grief, sorrowful, prostrate with grief, broken-hearted
имя прилагательное
overwhelmed by grief or disappointment.
It may affect Professor A very deeply - indeed, he may die of broken-hearted disappointment at the loss of his fellow-believers.
Best's wife, Alex, was ‘bearing up’, but Hughes added: ‘Anyone who knows and loves George will be absolutely broken-hearted .’
She knows Kyle is broken-hearted and is trying to be as nice as she can about all this.
‘He looked like a broken-hearted man by that point,’ remembers Roedelius, sitting in the east London offices of Lunz's record label.
I think if you don't have compassion for other human beings who are truly, truly broken-hearted by the pain that they've caused, then what's that say about you, if you can't forgive?
Motorcycle thieves who snatched a one-of-a-kind £35,000 Italian ‘wonderbike’ have left its owner broken-hearted .
Julie's mum, Linda Norfolk, said the tragedy had left the family broken-hearted and told how her daughter battled for years against the stigma of the condition.
Have no expectations… We don't want you to be disappointed or broken-hearted if your chosen loved one doesn't come through.
Speaking from her home in Manor Farm Road, Bitterne, Mrs Donaldson said: ‘I am absolutely broken-hearted .’
I couldn't have left him up there all night, I'd have been broken-hearted .
A newlywed Blackpool couple have been left broken-hearted and out of pocket this week after French Police wrecked their romantic honeymoon plans.