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broken-down / разбитый, сломленный, надломленный
имя прилагательное
broken, shattered, battered, beaten, stricken, broken-down
broken, broken-down
wretched, broken-down
имя прилагательное
worn out and dilapidated by age, use, or ill-treatment.
a broken-down car
The two sisters continue their conversation about why Stella lives in this broken-down old place, how Blanche looks, and why she has arrived in New Orleans.
A broken-down lorry also led to lengthy delays on Friday.
Even a broken-down dirt digger, bright yellow like a daffodil, was fun to watch as the muddy construction workers tried to get it back into working order.
‘Obviously we are working to repair the fault,’ says the conductor on the broken-down train when the one thing that is blatantly obvious is that no one is doing a blind thing about it.
The trial judge held that it was unreasonable to keep a guard dog to protect a load of old broken-down scrap motor cars.
Her job has often seen her in the very unglamorous position of driving to the location of a broken-down vehicle and being there in the middle of the night dealing with the problem.
He expected that the two could discuss rationally my quitting high school to move into a broken-down apartment building with a male of dubious prospects.
Round up Johannesburg's metro police - those cops who are too idle to help motorists at broken-down traffic lights - give them all shovels and form them into a national pothole-filling brigade.
It took him and other members of the band just a month to convert the broken-down , dirty, desolate looking room over a tailor's shop in Deansgate into a smart, colourful, ballroom.
The gamin creates their ideal in spirit when she takes the most broken-down shack and tries to make it ‘home.’