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broil / гореть, жарить, жариться
burn, glow, broil, flame, combust, blaze
fry, roast, cook, grill, broil, barbecue
roast, grill, cook, broil, fry
fry, grill, broil, roast
жариться на солнце
cook, broil
имя существительное
quarrel, row, altercation, contention, bickering, broil
heat, fever, glow, fire, fervor, broil
жареное мясо
roast, fry, broil
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, broil
имя существительное
a quarrel or a commotion.
The recent broil over Baraka's recital of the poem ‘Somebody Blew Up America’ has only served to intensify the poet's controversial status.
cook (meat or fish) by exposure to direct, intense radiant heat.
he broiled a wedge of sea bass
Eat lean meat, roast or broil foods rather than fry them and replace high-fat dairy products with skim milk and low-fat yogurt and cheeses.
Grill and broil your meats, which melts the fat.
When finding a restaurant, the thrill is in finding out the range of skill and mastery each chef has of several techniques - Can they broil a steak and create a perfect, matching sauce?
the dark interior was a broil of fighting men
Bake for 10 minutes; then turn on the broiler and broil the gratin 3 or 4 inches from the heat source for 2 or 3 minutes, just to brown the top.
When Cleopatra speaks for the first time, she too wants to assert her own role as an evil woman in this broil , but her serving women, Charmion and Eras, refuse to allow her an easy passage to her proposed death.
You're going to have to learn to broil a steak; that's what you're going to have to learn.
An ensuing exchange with the woman's male partner, and Dix quickly gets into a broil .
Trim away skin and fat before cooking, then broil , grill, roast or poach instead of frying.
When cooked - you can bake, broil , grill, sauté or even microwave it - the flesh becomes tender and richly sweet.