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brogue / грубый башмак, провинциальный акцент, спортивный ботинок
имя существительное
грубый башмак
brogue, brogan
провинциальный акцент
спортивный ботинок
имя существительное
a strong outdoor shoe with ornamental perforated patterns in the leather.
Other accessories include beards and sideburns (confirming that hairy faces are back) and for your feet there's desert boots, brogues and Chelsea boots for extra comfy rambling.
a marked accent, especially Irish or Scottish, when speaking English.
a fine Irish brogue
a sweet lilt of brogue in her voice
He may have a Dublin brogue and a very Irish sense of humour, but Mark Geary has found his home, and Ireland is not it.
It seemed to be a mix between the English accent and the Irish brogue .
An Irish brogue greeted him but menace tainted his welcome.
The Irish brogue became more pronounced as the voice became more panic-stricken.
I heard my mum on the other end, her Irish brogue more noticeable than when I had left.
a fine Irish brogue
He was born in Chicago in 1958 to immigrant parents; as the New York Times notes, his Irish brogue can be summoned depending on the occasion.
Instead of the melodious tones of an Irish brogue , the exaggerated drawl of an angry young man spat from the earpiece.
‘First, I want you to bring out that blasted trash out of here,’ he said in his Irish brogue as he pointed at Manda.