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brochure / брошюра
имя существительное
brochure, booklet, pamphlet, tract
имя существительное
a small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand can assist with holiday brochures and information.
a holiday brochure
I went to Nice under the illusion that the glorious beach pictured in the brochures was sandy.
In recent weeks the new department has sent out hundreds of glossy brochures to potential advertisers.
Catalogues, flyers and brochures can be collected in the service's blue bag, or taken to a recycling site.
In the lobby they have brochures that indicate what services the hotel can provide.
The centre has many brochures on local services and customers are most welcome to make enquiries in person.
So Graham had a chat with the guy who knew about these things, and we picked up a handful of brochures and leaflets for study at home.
Typically, many quality properties are sold even before the sales brochures are produced.
Sometimes I have the same feeling of bewilderment when I read brochures for financial products.
We are starting to produce new brochures and we are creating a new website.