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brochette / маленький вертел
имя существительное
маленький вертел
имя существительное
a skewer or spit on which chunks of meat or fish are barbecued, grilled, or roasted.
beef and lamb en brochette
beef and lamb en brochette
You know the lamb must be fresh when it's the basis for three daily dishes: soup, brochette or shoulder.
The plate of lamb brochette had lots of elements to sample.
The grilled brochette was served with three different kinds of basmati rice.
The best of the seafood dishes was a platter of monkfish and giant sea scallops, densely skewered on a rosemary brochette .
Chunks of moist chicken, bursting with taste and tenderness, are grilled on a brochette with slices of blackened onion.
beef and lamb en brochette
The Dad ordered marinated lamb brochette on a bed of garlic wild rice and red pepper dressing for €16.
I have some things to say about this quail brochette .
We also ordered the chicken brochette with a spicy marinade.