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broadsheet / плакат, листовка, большой лист бумаги
имя существительное
poster, placard, broadsheet, bill, broadside
leaflet, flyer, broadsheet, flier, follicle, leaf
большой лист бумаги
broadsheet, broadside
имя существительное
a large piece of paper printed on one side only with information; a broadside.
Out in the wider world, public opinion stirred, especially in the cities, stimulated by the pamphlets and broadsheets which printing made possible.
I have sent you a broadsheet which surveys our campaigns
Instead we are going out onto the estates as quickly as possible, putting the arguments and producing leaflets and a broadsheet carrying the arguments.
Leander wrote intelligent pieces for a broadsheet under a male pseudonym.
D&P has cards, flyers, a video and a broadsheet packed with useful information to be used in the campaign and to inform Canadians.
We chatted over drinks and then studied the new menus which are hard to miss - tall and narrow, like a broadsheet paper folded lengthwise.
Reports say the conservative broadsheet will run nine pages of news a day.
Even the opinion polls published in the broadsheet papers showed very strong views on the Rapid Reaction Force and the need to preserve neutrality.
It's entertainment, not a broadsheet paper.
Next time you pick up a broadsheet paper, look at all the tripe that falls out of it: cars, clothes, restaurants and the hundreds of ads that power these supplements.
When people did comics as broadsheets in the 1800s, they were as full of information as any painting.