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broadly / широко
wide, widely, broad, large, extensively, broadly
in general and with the exception of minor details.
the climate is broadly similar in the two regions
widely and openly.
he was grinning broadly
the climate is broadly similar in the two regions
When he heard about this seemingly overdue admission by the trainer, Carberry grinned broadly .
These results have been broadly consistent with a slight downward trend for a generation.
More broadly , corruption, to the British in general, is something that foreigners do.
No doubt there are more but, broadly speaking, the situation is this, we would submit.
Hence Part B offers an appropriate context in which to consider the issues more broadly .
Similarly, public opinion was broadly in favour of the idea but did not consider it a priority.
It is assumed in this book that it is important to consider economic change more broadly than is habitually done.
In general we would expect the strength of these impacts broadly to be associated with the size of the change involved.
The common law, like the civil law, is therefore broadly compatible with contemporary science.