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broad-minded / либеральный, с широким кругозором, с широкими взглядами
имя прилагательное
liberal, permissive, broad-minded, broad-gauge
с широким кругозором
broad-minded, open-minded
с широкими взглядами
broad-minded, large-minded
имя прилагательное
tolerant or liberal in one's views and reactions; not easily offended.
a broad-minded approach to religion
Perhaps more important is how much we have to gain if we approach problems with the same broad-minded and interdisciplinary attitude that the Greeks themselves displayed.
It's allowed me to be broad-minded and open to all combinations of flavours,’ said Peter.
I really appreciate his sense of reverence and broad-minded tolerance for various religions.
I'd like to think the community of Otley and Yeadon is far more broad-minded and tolerant than that.
Using as his main source Philip II's own words, Kamen paints a picture of Philip as a broad-minded ruler with moderate political views who tolerated both religious and intellectual dissidents.
Underpinning the drive to self-government was a self-confident, broad-minded , radical and internationalist perspective best embodied for many by Hamish Henderson.
Being open, broad-minded and liberal can sometimes involve difficult decisions and being selfless against human nature - not at all the path of least resistance.
However, he maintained a lifelong interest in the game and while a firm and committed Garrymore supporter, he was very broad-minded and recognised and appreciated the good players in all the clubs.
Now I'm a broad-minded fellow, but one sickening perversion we must not tolerate is the insertion of an apostrophe into the possessive 'its'.
In the letter I wrote back, I said, ‘Yeah, they are good parents, but that's because they're very open and broad-minded and they've taught me to be like that.’