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bro / братан
brother, buddy
old man
имя существительное
a friendly greeting or form of address.
“Yo bro!”
Brother (used before a first name when referring in writing to a member of a religious order of men).
Bro. Felix
It's got less to do with order than you think, bro .
And Scott, he was like friends with my bro for 7 years, and he betrayed him by lying about something really big.
Our guys ain't on their own, bro , so don't listen to TV.
Had a really fun night with the rentals, my bro , Andy and Kev and Kim, with muchos wine. Dad burnt his tongue on a flaming sambuca and I drank an amaretto.
It may seem like double the babysitting, but your bro and his friend will keep each other busy.
‘I found out a way to eliminate the curse of the Rescella, bro ,’ Ross said, turning to his brother.
If they even hesitated for a second, we said, ‘Well, great talking to you, bro , see you later,’ and never called them back.
You've gotta have faith in yourself, bro , to conquer your fear.
You think I'd let something like that go unpunished, bro ?
I did know what happened but if I told them they would all think I was even weirder then they already do, well my bro and his friends at least.