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brisket / грудинка
имя существительное
имя существительное
meat cut from the breast of an animal, typically a cow.
Meats include St. Louis-style ribs, hand-pulled pork, brisket and steak, as well as chicken and fish.
Here's my juicy plate with brisket and my spinach on the side.
Shred about 10 ounces cooked beef brisket or chuck.
Apparently, the steaming process reduces the size of the brisket but maximizes the flavor.
I ordered three cheaply priced tacos: a fried chicken taco, a brisket taco, and a fried fish taco.
Purchase a whole fresh beef brisket (not corned) or 2 center-cut pieces.
Plus, he'll offer a beef brisket , which is popular in Texas.
Enjoy a choice of chicken, pork, brisket and more.
Recommended dishes include the fresh chicken in red wine and cold beef brisket with fresh leeks.
In Kentucky, barbecued mutton reigns, and in Texas, it's beef brisket .
‘Pot on fire’ is braised beef brisket with vegetables.