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brisk / оживленный, юркий, живой
имя прилагательное
lively, busy, animated, brisk, vivacious, active
brisk, clever
live, living, alive, lively, animate, brisk
quicken, brisk, rally, light up, chirk, brisk up
animate, enliven, revive, quicken, brisk, revitalize
имя прилагательное
active, fast, and energetic.
a good brisk walk
She walked out of the ruin, into the brisk breeze outside.
If self-restraint at the feast isn't one of your virtues, a walk in the brisk air may help undo what you've overdone.
The September night was chilly, with a brisk wind picking up, but neither seemed to notice.
Business here is often brisk , overseen by the effervescent proprietor who mans the steamy open kitchen.
I knew it was a brisk wind, considering it was considered winter, but it really did feel wonderful.
She waved a wing in the air, a brisk , dismissing gesture.
He had rustled up his riding-jacket for the brisk evening weather.
There is also a lone souvenir shop doing brisk business.
Her slow walked quickly turned into a brisk sprint as she ran for the front entrance.
They ate and broke camp quickly, setting a brisk pace across the slick stone of the Old Road.