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briquette / брикет
имя существительное
briquette, cake
имя существительное
a block of compressed charcoal or coal dust used as fuel.
If you wait too long and the coals have cooled, fuel the fire by adding more briquets .
With a smirk, he ran away before I could chuck a flaming briquette at him.
The sun dimmed until it was glowing a comfortable red, like a floating charcoal briquette .
The briquette absorbs the moisture which the mildew needs to survive 6.
To us, there would appear to be a big difference between treating sludge and producing a smokeless fuel briquette .
On the ground, in the center of the cans, put five or six charcoal briquettes and light them.
The briquettes do not produce a fire hot enough to draw the combustion products up the chimney.
You'll be able to barbecue without the inconvenience of those messy charcoal briquets .
Wrap chunks in foil and place directly over ceramic briquettes , or metal heat-diffusing bars.
He also said people should know the barrels are legal for use with charcoal briquettes and presto-type logs.
Fill an empty egg carton with a dozen briquettes , one in each department.