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brio / живость, оживление
имя существительное
liveliness, vivacity, vitality, alacrity, agility, brio
liveliness, revival, animation, rally, life, brio
имя существительное
vigor or vivacity of style or performance.
she told her story with some brio
Burstein captured every subtle variation of the melodic line with scintillating brio and vivacity.
The Stoltzmans played it with dash and brio to spare.
The sheer brio of these pieces makes them both unsettling and hypnotic.
While serious in subject and sad in fact, the play is written with brio and excellent humour.
There was more brio than substance, and not a memorable tune in sight.
Branson for better or worse is brio personified.
This piece requires non-stop brio and a kind of splashy physical heroics.
she told her story with some brio
If the directors are vaunted for intelligence and brio , why is this film so vacuous, stupid and lazy?
This balletic score received a performance filled with rhythmic verve and brio .