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bring / приносить, приводить, доводить
bring, yield, bring in, offer up, carry, fetch
drive, bring, lead, put, reduce, adduce
bring, carry, drive, lead to, lap, lash
come to a place with (someone or something).
she brought Luke home from the hospital
he tried to bring the fox nearer to him
will you bring me a knife?
Prospective parents can travel to India or arrange for an escort to bring their adopted child home.
But how did that conduct encourage you to bring your action?
they want to bring peace
In an emergency, my son could drive up and bring us home.
The lower gods can either assist people or bring misfortune to them.
exports bring millions into the state's coffers
Turn out lots of crummy products in a short amount of time to bring in some fast money.
To have your condition labelled as a disease may bring considerable benefit.