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brine / рассол, соляной раствор, рапа
имя существительное
brine, pickle, souse, leach
соляной раствор
brine, saline
brine, leach, bittern
морская вода
seawater, salt water, brine
соленая вода
salt, pickle, souse, powder, salt away, brine
besmear, salt, pickle, salt down, grease, brine
имя существительное
water saturated or strongly impregnated with salt.
The blocks are then salted in brine for 20 days and aged for two years.
soak in or saturate with salty water.
brined anchovies
The water's crawling with the larvae of brine flies and midges these waterfowl love.
We stepped inside the store, that familiar smell of spices, cloth, and pork brine meeting my nose at once.
Men ran to the rail with torches and peered down at the brine , hoping to catch sight of her.
The resulting liquid brine helps break down the ice for easier plowing and removal.
the classic dirty martini includes a few drops of olive brine
To remove glucoside oleuropein, one either puts the picked olives in lye, salt, brine , or repeated baths of water.
I was wrenched back into the frigid brine , unconscious, and helpless.
The brine solution cools the product down while at the same time, adds salt to the cheese.
We don't add brine so you're not buying water, so there is a value for money advantage too.
the classic dirty martini includes a few drops of olive brine