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brim / край, поля, поле шляпы
имя существительное
edge, region, end, margin, side, brim
brim, weald
поле шляпы
field, margin, square, cornfield, bent, brim
наполнять до краев
наполняться до краев
имя существительное
the projecting edge around the bottom of a hat.
a soft hat with a turned-up brim
fill or be full to the point of overflowing.
a brimming cup
Year round rains had filled the reservoirs to the brim , a sight not seen in recent memory.
a soft hat with a turned-up brim
The ultimate wedding hat featured a wide brim surrounded by flowers and a huge veil which belled into a dress.
His hat had a harness and the brim was also decorated with gold buttons.
Or, you may wish to purchase baskets already planted to the brim with spectacular begonias ready to hang.
Both large containers were filled to the brim with a red thick goo.
Both mercenaries had already finished loading their ammo packs to the brim with ammo for their selected weapons.
The hat was a pale blue that looked like a stocking cap, but had a small brim in the front like a baseball cap.
The bowls are small but they're filled to the brim with intriguing ingredients.
Laila put the hat on, angling the brim like I did.