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brilliant / блестящий, сверкающий, блистательный
имя прилагательное
brilliant, shiny, shining, bright, glossy, sparkling
sparkling, glistening, brilliant, flashing, incandescent, resplendent
brilliant, resplendent, magnificent
outstanding, prominent, eminent, distinguished, remarkable, brilliant
имя существительное
diamond, brilliant, rock, adamant, minikin
diamond, brilliant
имя прилагательное
(of light or color) very bright and radiant.
Overheard the sun shone brightly, illuminating the garden with a brilliant ray of light.
exceptionally clever or talented.
a brilliant young mathematician
имя существительное
a diamond of brilliant cut.
Our artist expands it into a bracelet and fastens it with a forget-me-not in turquoises and brilliants .
that's a brilliant idea
Sparks flew as brilliant lights flared in the distance.
The same brilliant smile I've come to recognize, but with a hidden twist to it.
She's had such a brilliant and long-lasting career.
You are brilliant , a wonderful photographer, beautiful, and funny.
Nevertheless, talented and brilliant men such as Miró started a downward spiral that ended in artistic anarchy.
The essay is complex and enthralling, the writing brilliant , the characters utterly fascinating.
The doors slammed open at the opposite end of the lab and a brilliant light poured in, almost blinding him.
The brilliant lights of the buildings outside shone in through the skylight, casting a bright square of light on the floor.
The young Lord Burlington was brilliant and precocious.