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brilliance / блеск, яркость, великолепие
имя существительное
shine, splendor, gloss, brilliance, glitter, luster
brightness, bright, brilliance, intensity, flamboyance, illumination
splendor, magnificence, grandeur, glory, brilliance, pomp
имя существительное
intense brightness of light.
the nights were dark, lit only by the brilliance of Aegean stars
he's played the stock market with great brilliance
Two of the ballet's encounters stood out, imbued with a kind of artistic brilliance befitting their underlying influence.
The authority, stamina, cool brilliance , and power of Nilsson's singing are evident throughout these two discs.
Incandescence by the way means a high degree of emotion, intensity and brilliance .
Closer to the moon, the numbers of the stars dwindled for the brilliance of the light from the moon overrode it.
It is as if all my cells respond to their brilliance and become light too.
The sheer brilliance of the light makes it difficult to judge the tones of the outdoor scenes he has painted.
That's when you'll get that flash of brilliance .
After six decades on the world's concert stages, Rosand's artistry and technical brilliance remain undiminished.
It's intellectually stimulating and continually entertaining with moments of brilliance that will stay with you.