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brighten / просиять, проясняться, полировать
clear, clear up, become clear, brighten, clear off
polish, burnish, buff, grind, brighten, glaze
make or become more light.
the day began to brighten in the east
Ever notice the lights dim and then brighten when the well pump or microwave oven comes on?
A breath of fresh air, a quick lunch-hour walk or an office with a window all seem to brighten up our day.
I miss the way they brighten up the gloomiest mood.
Key lime pie green will also brighten up a dull corner in a dark room.
You might even want to bring along homemade holiday cards and small bags of candy to brighten people's day.
Framed prints were recently presented to two local hospitals to brighten the environment for the patients.
she seems to brighten his life
They brighten up a morning, and besides, reading the rest of the newspaper will only sadden me.
Lovely… this was just what I needed to brighten up my day.
daffodils brighten up many gardens and parks