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bright / яркий, светлый, ясный
имя прилагательное
bright, vivid, colorful, shining, flamboyant, glaring
light, bright, blond, blonde, fair, luminous
clear, bright, lucid, plain, fine, obvious
brilliant, shiny, shining, bright, glossy, sparkling
polished, burnished, bright
bright, brightly, dramatically, gaily, glaringly, flamingly
brilliantly, bright, luminously
имя существительное
brightness, bright, brilliance, intensity, flamboyance, illumination
имя прилагательное
giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining.
I have problems seeing when the sun is bright
(of sound) clear, vibrant, and typically high-pitched.
her voice is fresh and bright
(of a person, idea, or remark) intelligent and quick-witted.
a bright young journalist
giving an appearance of cheerful liveliness.
she gave a bright smile
a full moon shining bright
имя существительное
bold and vivid colors.
webbed gloves in neon brights
headlights switched to high beam.
he turned the brights on, and we drove along the dirt road
He is, however, one to watch because he shines a bright light on the central paradox that haunts politics.
A bright light shines from behind and the silver armor is put on her.
Her fresh and natural look is enhanced by her bright smile.
The sound is indeed bright and clear most of the time.
She doesn't recognize the drab room with the bright morning light shining in through the narrow gap in the curtains.
These are bright , intelligent characters and they speak a lot.
She was certainly beautiful, with her bright red hair which shone like the sun and her burnt-red eyes.
The room was bright and full of sunshine, the light-catchers sending shards of rainbows all over the room.
A bright light shone in my eyes and I squinted, temporarily blinded.
He had bright eyes, a lively expression, and a winsome smile.