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briefing / брифинг, инструктаж, информационное совещание
имя существительное
briefing, instruction
информационное совещание
имя существительное
a meeting for giving information or instructions.
the daily press briefing
instruct or inform (someone) thoroughly, especially in preparation for a task.
she briefed him on last week's decisions
Before the trip in 1998 there was briefing for our board of executive directors about the trip.
today's briefing of NATO allies
But eventually duty called and I had to get back to the station for briefing .
a media briefing in the House of Commons
From a tactical aspect, the outstanding feature was the extremely thorough briefing of all ranks.
The Bureau of Meteorology weather briefing provided a computer-modelled weather prediction for the next seven days.
A nose-full of cordite in Sinai was worth many hours of briefing in a room in Tel Aviv.
the daily press briefing
today's briefing of Nato allies
Andron had spent her teen years sitting in on briefings and policy meetings.