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bridgehead / плацдарм, предмостное укрепление, предмостный плацдарм
имя существительное
bridgehead, springboard, foothold, jumping-off ground, jumping-off place
предмостное укрепление
предмостный плацдарм
предмостная позиция
имя существительное
a strong position secured by an army inside enemy territory from which to advance or attack.
in the 1970s, academic literary theory established bridgeheads in Britain
American troops in the bridgehead became panic stricken.
By the end of January he had secured his bridgehead in Tunisia and had given Rommel a safe enclave to move into.
The force in the bridgehead disintegrated, the Germans remaining in possession of St. Germain.
The Third US Army seized a bridgehead at Oppenheim.
Soviet authorities have argued they might have taken Berlin immediately after they established bridgeheads across the Oder.