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bridge / мост, мостик, бридж
имя существительное
bridge, bridgework
jumper, bridge, web, dam, seal, cofferdam
shunt, bridge, parallel
строить мост
наводить мост
преодолевать препятствия
overcome obstacles, surmount obstacles, hurdle, bridge
соединять мостом
имя существительное
a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle.
a bridge across the river
the elevated, enclosed platform on a ship from which the captain and officers direct operations.
The captain ordered the bridge to keep the ship on its course but increase the ship speed by ten percent.
the upper bony part of a person's nose.
he pushed his spectacles further up the bridge of his nose
an electric circuit with two branches across which a detector or load is connected. These circuits are used to measure resistance or other property by equalizing the potential across the two ends of a detector, or to rectify an alternating voltage or current.
The internal harnesses comprise unlabeled black wires terminated at the bridge rectifiers and filter caps.
a card game descended from whist, played by two partnerships of two players who at the beginning of each hand bid for the right to name the trump suit, the highest bid also representing a contract to make a specified number of tricks with a specified suit as trumps.
This is possible because of the trumping rule, which is different from that in whist or bridge .
be a bridge over (something).
a covered walkway that bridged the gardens
A new psychology initiative helps communities bridge racial and cultural differences.
The tour attempts to bridge gaps between college students and the native communities that exist very close to them.
He was an active and knowledgeable gardener and he remained a highly competitive bridge player.
How can a device company and its overseas manufacturer bridge the physical distance built into their relationship?
Turkish Baptists, to a certain extent, have been a bridge between Baptists in the Middle East and Europe.
Strings add color, providing the staccato rhythms of the bridge .
He described the American Navy as a club for golfers and bridge players.
Their books offer a bridge between their kitchens and yours.
He scoffed in what was considered a manly scoff and placed his fingers back to the bridge of his nose.
He left his quarters and moved to the bridge of his ship, but it was vacant.