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bridesmaid / подружка невесты
имя существительное
подружка невесты
bridesmaid, maid of honor
имя существительное
a girl or woman who accompanies a bride on her wedding day.
The bride would be accompanied by several bridesmaids and the groom had one male, the best man, at his side.
We'd like you to be a bridesmaid at the wedding, Lexie.
her sister asked her to be chief bridesmaid
And now she's just asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.
We had already been to several fittings for the bridesmaid and wedding dress.
Áine was Caoimhe's bridesmaid
She was a bridesmaid at his wedding to Princess Diana.
Savannah's more of a junior bridesmaid and flower girl combined.
She'd been a bridesmaid at their wedding, and was now a godmother of their recently-born firstborn child Jacob.
I was in a wedding and the bridesmaid 's dress was a rose pink silk shantung.
She's Prince Charles' goddaughter and she was a bridesmaid at his first wedding.