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brickwork / кирпичная кладка
имя существительное
кирпичная кладка
brickwork, masonry
имя существительное
the bricks in a wall, house, or other structure, typically in terms of their type or layout.
the patterned brickwork of the gables
The contrast of old brickwork with the crystalline nature of the new structure is a classic Modernist move.
There is the occasional bit of moiré shimmer in patterns such as brickwork , but it is not obtrusive.
the patterned brickwork of the gables
The design team exposed the existing textures by sandblasting and repointing stone and brickwork .
All this time I thought they were a bunch of guys that did brickwork for free.
In contrast with the facile legibility of the older tower's brickwork , the metal cladding is apparently casually crumpled.
An ingenious pattern of brickwork bonding was adopted to ensure satisfactory composite action.
Decorative brickwork with an interlaced pattern covers the exterior.
About 12 years ago I set up my own building company, and I went to college to do brickwork .
I indicated the houses with collapsed roofs, broken windows, charred brickwork and dismantled hedges.