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briar / шиповник, вереск, курительная трубка
имя существительное
dog-rose, briar, brier, eglantine, canker-rose
heather, heath, briar, brier
курительная трубка
pipe, tobacco pipe, brier, briar, bulldog
a briar patch
Throughout this long afternoon, we remained motionless in the briar patch.
Immediately, Maria snatched her hand back quicker than if it had just come into contact with a briar bush.
The briar pipe continued to epitomise solid, dependable, common sense masculinity.
‘You're not stupid,’ Bella continued, speaking more to the rose briars than to him.
Every man present had filled his clay or briar pipes with good Virginia tobacco.
The Centenier finished his coffee, while Holmes selected and filled his briar pipe .
Glen smiled at the thought of a dirty forest with trees, briars , and wild animals.
On one side lay a patch of endless briars on the other a 20 ft drop to the sharp rocks and unbridled sea below.