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brewery / пивоваренный завод
имя существительное
пивоваренный завод
имя существительное
a place where beer is made commercially.
While the major breweries dominated the beer market, imported brands and local microbreweries also flourished.
In St. Louis, the Hyde Park brewery airs the first beer commercial on television.
Of all these purchased drinks, beer is significantly the cheapest, as there is a brewery on Saint Kitts.
When researching beer, why not go to the local brewery and partake of the tour.
You say there's an advantage in having either a bakery or a brewery onsite.
That being said, they are still far more enjoyable than going on a beer brewery tour.
The brewery currently produces about 20,000 litres of beer a year in 2,000 litre batches.
Ron used to organise the beer from the local brewery in sugar sacks that held 4 dozen big bottles of beer.
It has a coffee-processing plant and a brewery that manufactures beer from bananas.
He diversified into manufacturing, setting up a brewery and a rope factory in St Petersburg in the 1790s.
Beer is commonly consumed and a local brewery has been established.