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brevity / краткость
имя существительное
brevity, short, shortness, conciseness, concision, briefness
имя существительное
concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.
A customer who responds positively to a cleverly worded e-mail may prefer brevity and clarity in voice mail messages.
Considered as a whole, the seams do show cuts were made in the interests of brevity .
Its brevity and limited depth really hurts, rather than helps it.
The initial sections are tight little vignettes whose brevity lends them a narrative crispness.
It benefits from its clear writing style, its many examples, and its brevity .
He explains, Americans are conditioned to equate visual brevity with success and power.
The one factor in the movie's favor is its brevity - only 81 minutes, including credits.
He searched for the right words to relay this information with brevity .
the staff will edit manuscripts with a view to brevity and clarity
Imagine the exclamatory brevity that space travel writing might bring.
He did so with an ability, clarity and, given the mass of material, brevity for which we both thank and commend him.