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brethren / братия, собратья
имя существительное
имя существительное
fellow Christians or members of a male religious order.
But then we got here and I saw how your own brethren in the Order have failed to appreciate your towering nobility.
имя существительное
a man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents.
To Tara's parents, brothers and sisters, relations and friends we offer our deepest sympathies and wish upon her the light of Heaven.
a (male) fellow Christian.
My desire is that Protestants would see me as a friend and a brother in Christ.
In the Civil War, he fought alongside his Connecticut brethren in the 9th Connecticut Volunteer Regiment.
Most civilian pilots adhere to their checklists with the same dedication as their military brethren .
The ethnic German North American Baptists worked even more directly among their German brethren .
our brethren in the popular national press
But the ship - and the many luxury trawlers like her - do share some traits with their working brethren .
His father was said to be buried beside his brethren in the castle belonging to his Order.
He has consistently distanced himself from his documentarian brethren , both aesthetically and politically.
Are you and your brethren wiling to accept less money?
And how did Huguenot outlook differ from that of their cross-channel puritan brethren ?
Iowans living in and around Des Moines embraced TV with the same passion as their big city brethren .