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breeze / ветер, ветерок, бриз
имя существительное
wind, breeze
breeze, gale
breeze, land breeze, land wind
легкий ветерок
breeze, air
gadfly, botfly, breeze, cleg
winnow, blow, breeze, fan, whiff
shoot, shoot past, breeze, shoot along, shoot forth, shoot out
blow, scavenge, blow off, blast, breeze
имя существительное
a gentle wind.
The wind blew not just gentle breezes but full-blown bone chilling winds.
a thing that is easy to do or accomplish.
traveling through London was a breeze
small cinders mixed with sand and cement to make cinder blocks.
come or go in a casual or lighthearted manner.
I breezed in as if nothing were wrong
The night air was chilly and the wind blew a cold breeze under her hood.
The weather for this ASR patrol was 75 degrees and sunny with a 10 knot breeze from the southwest.
We can't catch the wind or see the breeze , but we can feel it, see its effects.
As the opened the glass door, a breeze blew the wind - chimes by the sign into soft laughter.
The winds did cooperate in some regard finally covering the complete race area with a 4-6 knot sea breeze .
I felt the cold ocean breeze blow across my face, filling my nose with the salty smell of the ocean.
tantalizing cooking smells wafted on the evening breeze
The wind was gentle, a slight breeze now and then to cool the warm air.
It was a beautiful day with the breeze of the wind blowing softly in her ear and the clouds floating softly by.
Another breeze of wind blew past them, unusually cold for this time of the year.