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breeding / разведение, размножение, воспитание
имя существительное
breeding, dilution, cultivation, rearing, culture, propagation
reproduction, breeding, propagation, duplication, increase, generation
education, breeding, upbringing, training, nurture, accomplishment
breeding, inference, deduction, raising, nurture, incubation
breeding, mannerliness
имя существительное
the mating and production of offspring by animals.
palolo worms use the moon to time their breeding
cause (an animal) to produce offspring, typically in a controlled and organized way.
he wants to see the animals his new stock has been bred from
When she presented herself, she sounded like any of the young ladies of breeding he'd meet.
palolo worms use the moon to time their breeding
In both cases the result is assortative mating or breeding among mates that possess similar genes.
The police had imposed conditions on a proposed demonstration against the breeding of cats for scientific research.
the breeding of rats and mice for experiments
a girl of good breeding
the flooding of the rivers is a trigger for breeding to start
The benefits of industrialization appear still more spectacular when looking at particular aspects of animal breeding .
Their observation affords both entertainment and an affirmation of their superior restraint and breeding .
When few or no ancestors are common to the sire and dam, the breeding is known as an outcross.