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breeder / производитель, тот, кто разводит животных
имя существительное
manufacturer, producer, generator, fabricator, sire, breeder
тот, кто разводит животных
имя существительное
a person who breeds livestock, racehorses, other animals, or plants.
a plant breeder
Thus, buying puppy from a breeder who screens all breeding stock for inherited problems is a must.
a dog breeder
a plant breeder
a breeder of fine cattle
cattle breeder
The new technique will not be used by thoroughbred racehorse breeders .
In the future, the lab's work with hormones and genetics may help ranchers and breeders help their heifers even more.
While genetic diversity may not be the first concern for most farmers, it is for plant breeders and scientists.
Halibut over 200-300 lbs are female breeders which don't have the best flesh for eating.
The collection's primary users are plant breeders and scientists.