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bred / доска, дощечка
имя существительное
board, plank, table, clapboard, billboard, bred
tablet, nameplate, table, planch, slat, bred
имя прилагательное
(of a person or animal) reared in a specified environment or way.
a city-bred man
cause (an animal) to produce offspring, typically in a controlled and organized way.
he wants to see the animals his new stock has been bred from
Yet for the time they are alive, these carefully bred animals are treated to a lavish lifestyle before they face mortal combat.
As Luni rode through town, mounted on his exquisitely bred horse, she decided that life with him might not be so bad.
Much of the delivery work was done by half-draft or specially bred horses.
Here, different bred animals are set loose in the city.
A company once asked him to see if its specially bred beans caused less gas than ordinary beans.
Specially bred horses (all stallions no more than 14 hands high) were fed and housed in lavish stables and great forts.