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breathless / запыхавшийся, затаивший дыхание, задыхающийся
имя прилагательное
puffed, breathless, panting, puffy, winded, short of breath
затаивший дыхание
panting, breathless, choky, scant of breath
lifeless, breathless
windless, calm, breathless, airless
имя прилагательное
gasping for breath, typically due to exertion.
the climb left me breathless
Air whooshed from his chest and Nyte was left breathless , gasping and coughing for air.
Their feline sounds and nimble mannerisms left me breathless .
She was breathless with excitement and it was catching.
She looked breathless and exhausted but she was still alert.
Beverly pulled away, feeling breathless and excited at the same time.
I felt invincible, breathless and overwhelmingly strong.
The day passed by and our party arrived at the new lodge, tired and breathless .
Chantelle was nearly breathless with excitement by the end of the night.
She looked up at him, breathless and gasping in surprise.
Together, this is a high-powered trio, a critical mass leading to a dramatic chain reaction that leaves us breathless .