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breather / сапун, живое существо, респиратор
имя существительное
живое существо
creature, being, breather, organism
respirator, inhaler, breather, inspirator, muzzle
имя существительное
a brief pause for rest.
the director is taking a breather from his furious schedule
a vent or valve to release pressure or to allow air to move freely around something.
a cask breather
a person or animal that breathes in a particular way, or breathes a particular substance.
a heavy breather
a heavy breather
None of them shoot more than a few rounds before taking a breather - leaving them open to more than a few bullets.
a cask breather
Take a breather from paying interest: get a 0% card!
Who wants to be a passive breather of fumes, when we now seem to be awarded a right to clean air?
And when you take a breather , you find yourself walking the routes that people walked 800 years ago.
Satisfied, we stopped to take a breather and admire our hard determination, or lack thereof.
We stopped to take a breather after playing one-on-one for an hour.
I stopped to take a breather as the picture on the screen changed.
Of course I already am a heavy breather , but this is even heavier than normal.