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breathe / дышать, вдыхать, подышать
breathe, draw breath, respire
breathe, inhale, sniff, inspire, snort, snuff
take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process.
she was wheezing as she breathed
When you breathe in through your windpipe, the air moves through your bronchial tubes into your air sacs.
Close your eyes and breathe in very deeply, concentrate on the days pleasant happenings.
Avoid blocking the nose with food or formula so your kitten can breathe easily and not panic.
Put your lips over the mouthpiece and breathe in deeply and quickly.
It moves downward when we breathe in, enlarging the chest cavity and pulling air in through the nose or mouth.
They had slowed down in front of us because of the amount the brush there was and to let the horses breathe .
She holds the client steady and asks him to breathe in deeply.
This helps the fish breathe and keeps the water from smelling rotten.
plants breathe through their roots
letting a wine breathe allows oxygen to enter