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breathalyse / брать пробу на алкоголь
брать пробу на алкоголь
breathalyse, breathalyze
Ideally, a community nurse should visit daily to monitor progress and, if possible, breathalyse for alcohol.
If police are able to breathalyse drivers for alcohol, there is no reason why they should not take mouth samples.
We'll breathalyse them on the way out.
My wife had heard the other driver say that he had been at the Golf Club and asked the police to breathalyse him.
Don't be tempted to have a quick one before you set off; all climbers are stringently breathalysed !
Perhaps it's ministers who need breathalysing .
The introduction of testing for illegal drugs is being conducted in tandem with breathalysing for alcohol in the workplace.
If they'd breathalysed me at that moment I would have been way over the limit, but of course I had my feet firmly on the ground.
Yet when he breathalysed me the result was negative my homeopathic booze had beaten the system.
They were both breathalysed and then carted off to the nearest police station.