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breastwork / бруствер, повышенный бруствер, поручни
имя существительное
parapet, breastwork, sangar
повышенный бруствер
rail, breastwork
имя существительное
a low temporary defense or parapet.
Up ahead were gentle country hills, picket fences - and what looked like breastworks and fortifications.
It threaded through the hills which surrounded the Empire's capital like a huge, natural breastwork .
Everything the actor owned formed a crude breastwork ten yards from the chipped cinder-block front step.
Russell sent his family to safety, then made a breastwork from a pile of shingles at his front door.
There was probably a timber breastwork along the top.
Yet I still felt muddled, as the breastwork became more defined in the clouds of smoke from the firing of muskets.
A submachine-gunner delivers more accurate fire using the breastwork to steady his weapon.
He ordered soldiers to tear down breastworks and use the logs to feed the fires.
Upon further inspection of the breastworks , I have come to the conclusion that the town was almost impregnable.
When the fighting died down, the Confederates hastily constructed breastworks to protect their gains.
The scouts barricaded themselves behind tree trunks and threw up breastworks of fallen trees.