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breastplate / нагрудник, нагрудный знак, подперсье
имя существительное
bib, breastplate
нагрудный знак
имя существительное
a piece of armor covering the chest.
Vests and T-shirts bear prints of Japanese armour breastplates embellished with coloured jewels.
in ancient times, a jeweled vestment covering the chest of the Jewish high priest.
The jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, armbands and a breastplate .
a set of straps attached to the front of a saddle, which pass across the horse's chest and prevent the saddle from slipping backward.
They were so pretty, with those burnished breastplates .
He wore a breastplate and leg armour, as well as the expensive, linen drapery around his body.
The man quickly grabbed his arms and the woman stripped his armour breastplate away.
Somehow this breastplate had the special capacity to help him in rendering important judicial decisions.
Her accent is horrible, when she talks, it sounds like she's got a reverb pedal hidden somewhere under her smelted breastplate .
She put her shoulder plates, breastplate , and belt in the bag.
Rear cinch and breastplate are considered required for safety reasons.
The jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, armbands and a breastplate .
The hoplite was protected by a helmet, a shield, and a breastplate , with leg protection in the form of greaves.
She placed it down beside her to see long thick arm pieces made from the same black material as the breastplate .
The High Priest's wearing of the breastplate atoned for the Courts mistakes in judgment.