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breastbone / грудина, грудная кость
имя существительное
sternum, breastbone, thorax
грудная кость
sternum, breastbone, keel
имя существительное
a thin, flat bone running down the center of the chest and connecting the ribs.
To get to your heart the surgeon makes an incision down the middle of your chest and separates your breastbone .
The spine may be curved, and the breastbone may protrude or look caved in.
With the casualty lying on a firm surface, push the breastbone down towards the back.
Place the heel of hand on the middle half of their breastbone , and the heel of the other hand on top of the first.
The surgeon then cuts the breastbone down the middle and opens the rib cage to expose the heart.
A bandage was wrapped around her chest, and a large bloodstain showed where her collarbone joined her breastbone .
The other part attaches on your breastbone and upper six ribs and is used in downward and forward arm movements.
He could feel his heart beating against his breastbone as he cracked his fingers in a gesture of impatience.
Things sometimes seem to stick behind the breastbone .
These all affect centrally located cartilage joints of the spine and breastbone .
Place your hand on your abdomen just below your breastbone and take a deep breath.