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breast / грудь, молочная железа, отвал
имя существительное
chest, breast, bosom, petto
молочная железа
breast, mamma
dump, heap, breast, muck
грудная железа
breast, mamma
soul, spirit, heart, mind, psyche, breast
стать грудью против
resist, oppose, counter, buck, stand against, breast
rebel, rise, revolt, arise, rise in revolt, breast
имя существительное
either of the two soft, protruding organs on the upper front of a woman's body that secrete milk after pregnancy.
All had terminal cancer of the breast , lung, gastrointestinal system or prostate gland.
face and move forward against or through (something).
I watched him breast the wave
She probably eats sandwiches that aren't pressed turkey breast on white bread with mayonnaise as well.
When he woke up, he found Maria sound asleep on his breast .
On my first visit, I enjoyed a roasted breast of chicken served with mashed potatoes shot through with truffle oil and fresh morels.
a breast pocket
The arrow's shaft, embedded in the demon's breast , cast a long, thin shadow in the dim light.
her heart was hammering in her breast
I watched him breast the wave
Lisa popped a breast of chicken into the microwave
The growth can invade local tissues of the breast and chest wall as well as spread through the blood and lymphatic systems.
The most researched cancers are those of the bowel, breast , endometrium, prostate, testes, and lung.