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breakwater / мол, волнорез, волнолом
имя существительное
mole, pier, breakwater, jetty, bulwark, quay
breakwater, cutwater, pier, groyne, starling
breakwater, groyne, seawall, pier, breaker, cutwater
имя существительное
a barrier built out into a body of water to protect a coast or harbor from the force of waves.
In the 19th century the greatest engineering addition to the bay was the construction of Dun Laoghaire Harbour with its two-tiered breakwaters or piers and wonderful granite stonework.
A few yards away, the ocean waves slam against the breakwater .
These were solid stone, with an artificial breakwater surrounding the harbour.
The 1.1-acre site has access to a small bathing area and harbour enclosed by a concrete pier and a breakwater .
Somewhere out of my sight in the darkness, waves crashed against the breakwater .
Out on the breakwater , fishermen wave to us as we roll by, and I wave back.
Zack was throughly impressed by the waves crashing on the breakwater , but was disappointed at the paucity of good skipping stones.
A fisherman was pulled to safety by quick acting fellow anglers on the harbour breakwater last night after a freak wave swept him and two others into the sea.
The creation of a marina breakwater for Kirkwall Harbour has taken another step forward with the job now out to tender.
South of the palace is the breakwater guarding the Royal Harbour.
The breakwater tamed the waves and provided a safe bathing area.