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breakup / распад, развал, разрушение
имя существительное
decay, disintegration, decomposition, breakdown, breakup, dissolution
breakdown, breakup
destruction, disruption, breakdown, demolition, collapse, breakup
devastation, breakdown, breakup
закрытие школы
имя существительное
an end to a relationship, typically a marriage.
We plotted these values and interpolated the dates of both ice breakup and absence.
the spring breakup of the ice
Most polar bears can handle a single season of early ice breakup , the authors write.
large quantities of oil are released after the breakup of a tanker
Shortly after the breakup of ice, Murie and his guides started north again by canoe.
the breakup of the two states constituting Czechoslovakia
It is spring breakup , a time when the bush roads turn into a sea of mud, and forest operations grind to a halt.
He also has eight pass breakups and a blocked kick.