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breakthrough / прорыв, достижение, открытие
имя существительное
breakthrough, break, penetration, gap, rupture, blowout
attainment, achievement, accomplishment, progress, breakthrough, effort
opening, discovery, finding, revelation, breakthrough, disclosure
крупное достижение
breakdown, puncture, breakthrough, disruption, perforation, rupture
имя существительное
a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.
a major breakthrough in DNA research
While Jonze is batting two for two with his features, Gondry has yet to have his big movie breakthrough .
Scientists at the University of York have made a major breakthrough in the fight against prostate cancer.
her big breakthrough came on the stage when she won a Tony Award in 1958
But I think the real breakthrough film probably was Adrian Lyne's 1987 "Fatal Attraction," which presented Glenn Close as an attractive, but fiercely vengeful modern woman, paying a man back for loving her and leaving her.
New York's best showcase club over the last 30 years has featured breakthrough performances by Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Dr. John, Sonny Rollins and many others as well as unique repertory performances.
the band's breakthrough album
Several years later, these handmade melodramas gave way to the seamless perfection of her breakthrough "Untitled Film Stills."
a major breakthrough in DNA research
It was a breakthrough series, setting trends for all comedy films to follow.
The breakthrough concept DVD is part of the company's 25th anniversary celebration for 2005.