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breakout / вспышка болезни
имя существительное
вспышка болезни
ictus, attack, breakout, epidemic
имя существительное
a forcible escape, typically from prison.
a prison breakout
an outbreak.
a breakout of hostilities
a categorized list.
an excellent breakout of websites by topic
a sudden advance to a new level.
gold was overdue for a breakout
the deformation or splintering of wood, stone, or other material being drilled or planed.
This assumption is validated by observations of borehole breakout , the formation of margin-parallel normal growth faults and structural analogue modelling.
имя прилагательное
suddenly and extremely popular or successful.
a breakout movie
denoting or relating to groups that break away from a conference or other larger gathering for discussion.
we divided into 15 breakout groups
You could almost understand why there is hope for a real breakout .
In 1970 the FBI put her on their most wanted list, accusing her of supplying guns for a breakout from Soledad prison.
The biggest challenge before the district health authorities is to check the breakout of water-borne diseases during the monsoon.
She realised months before the breakout of hostilities that her nursing skills would in all probability lead to her being sent to the Gulf.
But today I'm going to go out on a limb, and predict the breakout of two more pitching prospects.
The students also practice analyzing case reports involving these drugs in the breakout groups.
It is time for the breakout of the ‘result fever’ epidemic, as the SSLC exam results will be announced on Thursday.
Box Clever Theatre Company presented a number of scenarios on street crime, which pupils then discussed in breakout groups.
All of them were wearing standard prison issue clothes, and it took Rob only a few seconds to work out that there had been a mass breakout at the prison.
At the beginning of the course, the students were divided into small groups to analyze and dissect clinical case studies during breakout group discussions.